Oct 3, 2009

PSPgo Cheaper in Canada? For Now, Yes.

By Paul Hunter

As a Canadian, whenever I read announcements about hardware or software suggested retail prices I generally have to take the extra step to find out what the price will wind up being here at home (most gaming websites quote US prices). Invariably, the cost here is $10 higher for games and about $10-$40 higher for consoles.

In a nice twist of fate, Sony has bucked the industry trend and has priced their new PSPgo at $249 CDN -- the exact same price as in the US. When you perform a currency conversion at the current rate, the handheld device winds up being about $10-15 cheaper in Canada (taxes included). With that level of savings, you could pick up a PSPgo and a handful of PSP minis for the same cost as our southern neighbours.

Not bad Sony, thanks for thinking of us.


Crazy Joe said...

same with ps3 slim, ms needs to take the same stance, hit those $x99 price points

Paul Hunter said...

Yep, Sony has been fantastic at matching the US hardware prices. The other consoles nickel and dime us with their $10-30 CDN higher prices.

[VESL] √úberman said...

I would be all over the GO if it was priced around the DS, but at only $50 less than a Slim, it's not very appealing. :/

Crazy Joe said...

lol, yeah the GO's pricing in general is COMPLETELY out to lunch

Anonymous said...

I have one and it's awesome! I'm not so much concerned with the pricing of the console itself, but more so the pricing of games. Downloaded versions should never cost as much as retail hard copy versions.

Anonymous said...

Also agree: Way to go Sony! They always tried to keep the price the same in Canada as in the US... Only console manufacturer doing so!

Thank you Sony.

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