Telltale Games, Queasy Games At GameON: Finance

By Paul Hunter

We've previously mentioned a number of high profile speakers that will be at this year's GameON: Finance, but there are a couple more we're looking forward to meeting at the event:

Dan Connors - CEO, Director, Founder Telltale, Inc.

Dan Connors co-founded Telltale in 2004. The company has been responsible for launching more than twenty games on PC, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii, working with high-quality licenses such as CSI, Sam & Max, Aardman Animations' Wallace & Gromit, and Strong Bad from Most recently, Dan and the Telltale team introduced the first new adventures in nearly a decade for the landmark Monkey Island series with the monthly Tales of Monkey Island series. Dan's credits include Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, X-Wing: Alliance, and Sam & Max Hit the Road. In 2008, he was recognized by Develop magazine as one of the top 25 people reshaping the games business.

Jon Mak, President Queasy Games

A couple years ago, Jonathan Mak made a game called Everyday Shooter for PS3 and PC. Prior to that, he worked on a lesser known, multiplayer, action-rts game called Gate 88. He also contributed to TOJam #1 and TOJam #3 with the games Flowers of Error and TOJam Thing. Currently he's collaborating on his next game with Toronto musician, I Am Robot And Proud.

Interactive Ontario have recently announced an extension on their early-bird pricing. For more information on tickets to GameON: Finance, click here.

NextGen Player Senior Writer, Andrew Green, along with our newest contributor, Alice Stancu, will both be at this year's GameON: Finance. Expect plenty of great coverage to come.