Xbox Deal of the Week: Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode

By Paul Hunter

When Resident Evil 5 came out many gamers complained that the versus mode wasn't included in the retail version -- it came out a few weeks later as downloadable content. It also just happened to cost 400 Microsoft Points or $5 depending on which currency you prefer.

There was even a rumour that circulated claiming the versus mode was on the disc all along and the DLC purchase was simply a key that unlocked it. This was later debunked by Capcom exec Christian Svensson who said:

"Keys are 100K or less. It is not a key. We have said in the past, it uses assets from the disc (like levels, models, audio, etc.) but the code is new and does not exist on the disc."

Still, many gamers felt a little cheated. 400 Microsoft Points just wasn't worth it.

Well, if you're in that group how does 240 points sound to you? That's equivalent to $3 in normal money and Xbox Canada Deal of the Week if you feel inclined to buy. Keep in mind that this is an exclusive offer only to Xbox Live Gold members and the deal ends October 25.

I haven't bothered to pick-up the DLC myself, but if you have, let us know what you thought of it.