Fashionably Late Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Impressions

By Paul Hunter

I know what you're thinking, why I am posting a Left 4 Dead 2 demo impressions video when the full game is already out? Well, simply put, this video was created several weeks ago by my good friend Darren Price and I took my sweet ass time publishing it. Well that and the fact that YouTube peeps decided the content in the game was unsuitable for Canadians and blocked it from IPs originating in the country. Weird, I know.

Thankfully it's now been unblocked so everyone can enjoy this excellent commentary on a most excellent sequel to Valve's hit zombie franchise.

If you like the video, I encourage you to check out Darren's YouTube channel. He's a huge gamer and always has interesting commentaries.

Oh if you want to read my impressions of the retail version of the game, check out my full Left 4 Dead 2 review on the Future Shop Tech Blog.