Canadians Going Hog Wild Over FarmVille

By Paul Hunter

Canadians sure do love their Facebook, and apparently they also like their Facebook gaming.

The social network's most popular casual game, FarmVille, boasts more than 73.8 million daily users worldwide. Canada ranks sixth in the world in terms of number of registered FarmVille users. The world leader is the United States, followed by Turkey, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and Italy.

To put the popularity in perspective, FarmVille has more users than PSN (38 million) and Xbox Live (20 million) have combined. Pretty impressive for a game not even seven months old.

Facebook has 350 million users, meaning more than 20% of everyone who uses the social networking site is also a member of FarmVille. To me, that just seems astounding. Who knew harvesting virtual eggplants would be so popular?

Source: The Canadian Press