Hey Toronto, Who's Game For Some Blogamoke!

By Paul Hunter

Hello all you NextGen Players out there! Need a good excuse to celebrate and have a good time? Boy do we have a treat for you.

On Friday, January 29 the NextGen Player team is heading downtown T.O. for a night of karaoke and camaraderie with fellow gaming bloggers Lori Dance from CoupleOfGamers.com and Dillon Andrews from vE3tro.com.

We're sending out an open invitation to come join us at the Fox and Fiddle at 280 Bloor Street West in Toronto for our first-ever Blogamoke. This is your chance to get out, meet some cool gaming bloggers and have the most fun you can possibly squeeze into a Friday night.

Not sure what we look like? Check out our "About" page or even easier, just look for the crowd of geek chics playing on their Nintendo DS's in the bar.

There's an open Facebook event page if you want to RSVP, or if you want to play it covert, just show up the night of.

As an extra incentive to come out, you'll have a chance to see Shaun Hatton from Toronto Thumbs sing his personalized rendition of "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress". You wouldn't want miss seeing that now would you?