Nintendo: Two Million Wiis Sold In Canada

By Paul Hunter

One interesting piece of sales data the emerged last month came from Nintendo of Canada which announced that more than two million Wiis have been purchased by Canadians since the console's launch in November 2006.

The Wii was the first console to sell-through one million units in Canada back in July, 2008, and it's also the first to reach the two million mark. Wii joins the Nintendo DS, which has also surpassed the two million units sold in Canada.

According to independent sales tracking from the NPD Group and Chart Track the Nintendo Wii is the fastest selling console in history. The Wii has sold over 56 million units worldwide since September, 2009, and easily surpassed the 60 million mark by the end of last year.

Funny, I remember a time when everyone thought the Wii was doomed.