BBC Networks Launch on Canadian Zune Video Store

By Paul Hunter

The Canadian Zune Video Store got an injection of new TV content earlier this month, courtesy of the largest broadcaster in the world, BBC. The network is bringing their award-winning programming, including classic comedies such as Black Adder and Little Britain, and natural history documentaries such as Blue Planet and Galapagos.

For more details on this exciting new addition to Xbox Live, check out the article I posted over on the Future Shop Tech Blog. From the article:

"For launch, it appears that BBC is limiting the number of seasons available for download per show, and curiously not all shows start at season one. For example, for both Black Adder and Doctor Who, the only accessible season is four; for Top Gear, seasons eleven and twelve are available. BBC have announced that more titles will be added to Zune video on Xbox LIVE Marketplace in the coming weeks."

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