B.C. Gamer Tips Off Police About Potential School Shooting

By Paul Hunter

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that an Xbox 360 gamer from Port Alberni, B.C., tipped off the local RCMP after a failing Texan high school student revealed intentions to gun down targeted classmates, along with detailed plans about how the shootings would unfold.

While playing the unnamed game on Xbox Live, the conversation began with the student explaining his academic failings, but the chat quickly turned grim when plans were disclosed to enter his school armed with firearms obtained from a friend in the Marine Corps. When the gamer starting questioning the apparently distraught and misanthropic student, he abruptly exited the online chat over Xbox Live.

The encounter was so disturbing, the gamer immediately contacted the Port Alberni RCMP and informed them of the student's plan. Working with Microsoft's Law Enforcement Security, the RCMP were able to identify the owner of the Xbox 360 who lived in San Antonio, Texas. Local police were passed the information and after an investigation the high school was arrested and now faces charges.

The lesson here: If you disclose murderous plots over Xbox Live, even if you're full of angst and talking hypothetically, expect local authorities at your door and your story on national headlines.

P.S. Somebody please inform the Vancouver Sun the picture they're using is the original Xbox. Really now?

Source: The Vancouver Sun