Survey: Art Institute of Vancouver Ranked #6 Best Game Design Progam (U.S. & Canada)

By Paul Hunter

The Princeton Review and GamePro magazine have selected the 50 best U.S. and Canadian undergraduate institutions where students can study game design. The top eight programs were ranked, while the remaining 42 were listed in alphabetical order.

The 50 programs were selected based on a 2009-10 survey completed by administrators at undergraduate institutions offering a game design program. The selection criteria included "the quality of the curriculum, faculty credentials, facilities and infrastructure as well as data on scholarships, financial aid and career opportunities."

Of the top eight game design programs, Canada had one entry with The Art Institute of Vancouver ranking at 6th place.

It appears that no other Canadian institution made it on the list (which can be seen here), which tells me that although Canada is now the 3rd largest video game producer in the world our educational programs do not seem to be keeping pace, at least according to the surveys methodology.

Wake up educators, Canada is a gaming nation and it ain't slowing down anytime soon!

Source: The Princeton Review