Splinter Cell At Toronto Comic Con

By Andrew Shin

About two weekends ago, Toronto played host to the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con and NextGen Player was there to check it out. Actually, we were specifically there for the Ubisoft hosted Splinter Cell: Conviction preview event with special guest Michael Ironside - more famously known as the voice of Sam Fisher in the entire Splinter Cell series. Being a huge fan of the series, this was an exciting opportunity for me to meet and hear Michael talk in person about his involvement and experience with all of the Splinter Cell games.

Some of the interesting things Michael talked about included his initial rejection of the offer to voice Sam Fisher for the first Splinter Cell game and the fact that he was sure that he likely wouldn't have come back to do another after the fourth installment in the series. This time around for Splinter Cell: Conviction, Michael felt the story was compelling enough and in a new direction from previous games that convinced him to come back and play Sam Fisher.

In addition to the Q&A session with Michael Ironside, there was an opportunity to play the game in the single player and co-op modes. Lots of fun. From what I've seen thus far on the game, it appears this will be best Splinter Cell game in the series.

Here are some pics from the event. Enjoy.

On a side note, being at the Toronto Comic Con I of course did some looking around at all of the various artists showcasing their works. One of the more interesting booths was Heroes Of The World - a concept that all countries in the world has its own group of superheroes. Heroes Of The World is the brainchild of Toronto artists Joe Bonsu and Mark Williams. Great local talent. I had the pleasure of chatting with Joe and Shawn Cuffie (their business manager). I encourage you to check out their site at http://www.theheroesoftheworld.com.