Happy Labour Day - Gaming Deals

By Andrew Shin

Happy Labour Day to our NextGen Player readers! Hope everyone is enjoying the last long weekend of the summer. If gaming is on your list of 'to do' things during this long weekend, then you'll want to check out Best Buy Canada's online sale that ends tomorrow (Tuesday, September 7th) at 10am EST.

There are some great deals on games and accessories that you may want to take advantage of. I sure did (just picked up a white PS3 Dualshock 3 controller and other PS3 accessories for 20% off).

Here's a complete listing of deals according to Best Buy Canada's website:

Video Games and Toys

10% off Select XBOX 360 Games
10% off Select Nintendo Wii Games
10% off Select Playstation 3 Games
10% off Select DS games
10% off Select PSP games
10% off Select PC Games
15% off Select Toys & Gadgets


20% off Select Nintendo Wii Accessories
20% off Select PS3 Accessories
20% off Select XBOX 360 Accessories
20% off Select PSP Accessories
20% off Select DS Accessories

You can visit www.bestbuy.ca for more details.