Feb 13, 2011

Interviewed on CTV National News About the Demise of Guitar Hero

By Paul Hunter

So, Guitar Hero is dead, or at least put down for a little while so its publisher Activision can figure out how to revitalize the beleaguered franchise.

CTV National News ran a clip on the history of the franchise, with some commentary from me as to why Activision made such a big decision. Click the link below to see the video:

Genre-defining 'Guitar Hero' video game gets axed [CTV National News]


Anonymous said...

Wow a Hunter on the national news not asking for a ticket to the calgary olympics!! Good job Mr. Wilson

Anonymous said...

I like how they managed to make it seem like you're implying that DDR came after Guitar Hero.

r4 said...

Well, I think that this was a very good decision. While the game had it's time, and was a huge success, it's hard to keep rehashing the same thing over and over, with just some new songs. And let's not forget all of the downloadable content we can still get for these games from Xbox Live or PS Network. So for those who like it, they have access to countless songs.

Andi Larocca said...


Tune in to MuchMusic TONIGHT at 8:14 PM to see the winner of the Doritos Write the End contest revealed! The end is finally here! Who's watching?

I can’t wait to see which chip gets destroyed. It’s gonna be epic!


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