Mister E Reveals the Next G-List "Perk"...In Honour of My Birthday?

By Paul Hunter

Listen up G-List Members. The mysterious "Mister E" sent me an email today announcing the newest perk, apparently in honour of my birthday -- what a nice guy.

The perk is a $50 offer code for CinemaNow for G-list members who hit Level 15 XP. The codes are going to expire on February 28, 2012, which means we got lots of time! If you attempt to redeem after this date, sorry but you'll be out of luck. We're super cool though and of course we're going to redeem right away.

Once you've got the $50 in your account, now that's when you can take your time (there's no expiration once redeemed).

Each gamer will need need to enter the code at the following URL to add the credit to their account:


So...who's with me? Let's get the codes! ...but first, I'm off to celebrate mah bifthday with some yummy cake. And that my friends, is no lie.

Max out.