Jan 23, 2012

Next G-List Perk Is $99 Nintendo 3DS

By Paul Hunter

$249.99? That price is so last year. It looks like the next G-List Hardware perk is about to go live in a week's time and it's a Nintendo 3DS for $99.

How do they do this? I have no idea, and it's futile to wonder anyway. I mean, I've been asking the "Misters" for several weeks how they're getting such great deals. The answer I got back? "Some organizations have been very generous to our cause".

Umm, sure. So long as these organizations are giving out Groupon-esque video game perks I won't ask any questions. Well no, that's a lie. I'll ask questions and undoubtedly get a cryptic response that will make me want to stop asking questions.


Anonymous said...

A very tempting reason to get one now!!!

How do I get on this list? Can you VIP me on it?

Paul Hunter said...

You have to go to Tsilon.ca and solve four puzzles to get in. Make sure you register for the site first. Good luck!

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