Mister C To Reveal Secrets Behind Area 52

By Paul Hunter

It's Valentine's Eve, and on this occasion I thought I'd take a moment to express my thoughts on a new, secret location on Tsilon.ca called "Area 52". While not much is currently known about this area, or the secrets it contains, my Spider Sense is tingling. Something this hidden has to be good, no?

Mister C has promised me, via text message, that he will soon fly to Toronto to give me an inside look at Area 52. I'll be sure to share the
spystory afterwards.

Oh, and about my thoughts on Area 52? Since tomorrow is the day of love, I crafted some poetry. Enjoy!

나는 비밀이 있다 // Written By Paul Hunter

Empty skies frame empty lands
Beneath the surface, the task at hand
You jump in, but do you fall?
Or will you rise above them all
There is a place where chosen play
Basking in the esoteric soiree
Of different worlds with different games
We are Misters, we have no names

Everywhere is our throne
North, south, you are not alone
Our walls are high for the obtuse
But for the enlightened, there's Area 52


As a special treat, here's a screen cap of my recent conversation with Mister C. This will give you an idea of just how awesome our dialogue is. And by awesome, I mean Mister Awesome.