Surprise Mention by Marc Saltzman on Yahoo! News

By Paul Hunter

Well would you look at that. I had a surprise mention on Yahoo! News, courtesy of Marc Saltzman, one of Canada's most prolific tech experts who happens to write for major news outlets such, Yahoo!, and Toronto Star.

It seems what started out as a mysterious encounter with the group behind the ARG-style website, has since attracted quite a bit of attention across Canada.

Last week, Marc posted on Yahoo! News about this new, secret society of gamers in Canada known as the G-List. In the article, he references a conversation with "Mister A", one of the key architects behind Tsilon, who spoke to Marc over the phone with a muffled voice.

While Mister C had promised me, back at our secretive January 10th meet-up, "exclusive" press rights with the group, it would seem that not all members of this group are on the same page. Upon questioning Mister C about this breach of trust, I was told that he informed Mister A of our "exclusivity deal" and would "sort him out."

An email I sent to Mister A on February 8th has not been responded to.

Be sure to check out Marc's article on Yahoo! News to get more perspective on this mysterious G-List, and to see the shout out to yours truly.

Source: Yahoo! News -- Secret, exclusive club all the buzz among Canadian gamers