Assassin's Creed's Connor to Handout Free Copies of AC3 At Fan Expo

By Paul Hunter

Seems that those mysterious folks at are making a splash at this year's Fan Expo in Toronto. I just received word from "Mister C", one of the few media-friendly Misters from the website, that Connor will be down at Fan Expo giving out a special password, XP bonus, and a huge perk if you're a new member of the website as of August 23rd. That huge perk, from what I've been told, is a free copy of Assassin's Creed III.

In order to be eligible to win the free copy of Assassin's Creed III, fans will have to ask Connor for the "password". I also received an image with what appears to be card that Connor will be handing out, seen below:

The cards redirect people to the website I'm not quite sure how this website keeps on doling out such great perks and prizes, but the perks thus far have been incredible to say the least.

If anyone has a chance to meet Connor at Fan Expo, let me know in the comments what happened during the "encounter".