Must Play: FOBIA – St. Dinfna Hotel

FOBIA – St. Dinfna Hotel

By Paul Hunter

I've had my eye on FOBIA – St. Dinfna Hotel for awhile now, so it was exciting to learn today that the survival horror game launches on June 28 across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Steam.

Paired with the release date news today was a four and a half minute trailer showing rookie journalist Roberto Leite Lopes in the spooky hotel solving puzzles, gathering clues and fighting a creepy-crawly mutated spider. The gameplay looks like a good mix of Resident Evil's inventory management and puzzle solving combined with Outlast's camcorder mechanics, all set in an opulent hotel overrun with an Aliens' hive-like mess. I'm really digging the sharp graphics and can't wait to explore every inch of this gorgeous looking hotel. The combat looks intense, too, with Roberto having limited ammo and battles taking place in tight hotel hallways.

According to the official information from developer Pulsatrix and publisher Maximum Games, you'll be able to use the game's camera to see into the past, present and future to help you decide how to act next. The hotel is full of mind-bending worlds where different eras collide and you'll need to uncover clues to unravel the hotel's mysterious. Take a look at the latest trailer to see this game in action:

Pretty cool, eh? FOBIA – St. Dinfna Hotel was already on my must-play list but after seeing that trailer I'm even more excited to check it out next month. Curious to know more about the game? Here are the official description and features provided by the publisher:

Treze Trilhas is home to the St. Dinfina Hotel, a decadent site that is the subject of numerous rumors including mysterious disappearances and paranormal activity. Hoping to break the story, amateur journalist Roberto Leite Lopes travels to Santa Catarina following a tip from his friend Stephanie.

His investigative skills will be needed not only to uncover the truth but to survive when reality is turned upside down with his discovery of a camera that reveals different timelines, a fanatical cult, human experiments, and apparitions roaming the halls. Solve puzzles and scavenge for anything to stop their hunt as the past, present and future collide.

Key Features:
  • Explore a grand hotel. The Unreal Engine brings terrifyingly realistic visuals to this first-person horror experience.
  • Survive the horrors. Scavenge for supplies while you run, hide, or fight the monsters that stalk the corridors.
  • Unravel the mystery. Worlds collide in a twisting narrative full of puzzles and conspiracies.
  • Look to the past and the future. Interact with different timelines using an enigmatic camera that connects parallel realities to uncover the many secrets hidden in the walls of the hotel.
  • A twisting narrative. Control two separate characters at different points in time as their stories converge into singular cohesive retelling of events.