Watch List: Do Not Open

You had me at 'escape room horror game'

By Paul Hunter

2022 has been a phenomenal year for horror games, from Dying Light 2 to FOBIA to The Quarry to Ghostwire: Tokyo to MADiSON, it's been one amazing horror title after another. But the year's not over yet and there's still another big horror game releasing soon: Do Not Open from Spanish developer Nox Noctis.

Originally announced as a PSVR title, this first-person horror game is coming to PS5 digitally on November 15. A physical edition is releasing in Europe on November 25, with a US physical release scheduled for early 2023. The game is also coming to PS4 and PSVR in early 2023, and to provide the best VR experience possible, the developers are also bringing it to Sony's upcoming PlayStation VR2 platform.

Do Not Open is on our watch list for two big reasons: (1) It has incredibly realistic graphics—just look at that lighting and high-quality textures! and (2) It looks absolutely terrifying. The game places you in the role of Michael J. Goreng, an infamous zoologist and epidemiologist who's trapped in a warped, disturbing version of his own house. Take a look at the reveal trailer on PlayStation:

Do Not Open is described as a survival horror game influenced by escape room mechanics. Goreng, the protagonist, must venture through his Victorian mansion, with each area offering new puzzles, riddles and dangers. And each run through the game will randomly change up the puzzles you face to provide fresh challenges.

Here are the game's official details:
  • A disturbing survival horror, inspired by escape room mechanics: Escape the house whilst dealing with a mysterious paranormal threat, stalking you and your family The pressure is intense as a clock in the bottom corner ticks down to zero. The clock stops. You must get out of the room. NOW.
  • Old school survival horror: Designed around the true survival horror values of vulnerability and fear –with mechanics such as permadeath and an emphasis on hiding over fighting.
  • Procedurally designed, for replayability: Each new game will have a new house layout, key objects will be in different locations and each playthrough will be a complete experience from beginning to end.
  • Solve the puzzles to escape: Thanks to the procedurally designed gameplay, there are over 2,193, 360 different puzzle combinations.
If you want to jump in and experience the game for yourself, a demo for Do Not Open is available now on Steam. The wait for the full release isn't long, this highly anticipated horror game is coming to PS5 tomorrow!