PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Review

Sony's new cutting-edge PS5 controller

By Paul Hunter

For years Sony has relied on third-party manufacturers to develop premium competition-ready controllers, but that all ends with the new DualSense Edge. This high-performance, ultra-customizable controller for PS5 is Sony's answer to Microsoft's Xbox Elite, often considered one of the best premium controllers on the market today. Let's jump right in and see what the DualSense Edge has to offer, here are three things I liked about the controller...and one I didn't.

Liked: Excellent Form Factor

The PS5 DualSense Edge impresses right out of the box with its premium hard-shell carrying that feels solid and protective. The smooth matte plastic has a quality look, and I appreciated the iconic PlayStation logo on the front and subtle PlayStation symbols on the back. If you plan on lugging your DualSense Edge around you can feel confident that the hard case will keep the controller safe and secure.

It's really what's inside that matters most though: starting with the DualSense Edge wireless controller itself. Right from the first moment you put it in your hands, it looks and feels very similar to the standard DualSense controller that ships with every PS5 console. But peek closer and you'll see several examples of its premium build quality, starting with the increased surface area for the grippy textured white plastic. You'll also notice new grippy texture on the left and right triggers, plus on the touchpad. The grips on the touchpad are actually a repeating series of PlayStation symbols, a nice touch.

Other nice changes in the form factor are a more angular touchpad with a sleeker appearance, and once you turn on the controller you'll see that the lightbar is no longer at the bottom of the panel, instead, the lights are built right into the side of the touchpad. The controller's main black front panel has also changed from matte to glossy, again giving the controller a sharper look compared to the standard DualSense. Holding the DualSense feels slightly more weighty than the standard controller, but at only 45 grams heavier, I never consciously thought about the extra bulk when playing games.

All of these form factor changes together give the DualSense Edge a serious premium feel that I enjoyed. It might not visually stand out as much as the Xbox Elite or other PS5 competition-ready controllers, but fans who enjoy the DualSense will be right at home here.

Liked: Great Customization Options

Of course, a major selling point of the DualSense Edge is its many customization options that adapt to your playstyle. To start, inside the case, you'll find four swappable convex analog stick caps (two low-dome, two high-dome), plus four swappable magnetic back buttons (two half-dome, two lever style). It's easy to swap the stick caps by simply pulling straight up on your controller's current stick and then snapping the new stick into place. Likewise, inserting the magnetic back buttons only takes seconds, with the half-dome ones featuring a low profile and better precision while the lever buttons are longer and quicker to activate.

Those customizations are great, but I liked the L2/R2 stop sliders even more. At the back of the DualSense Edge, there are slider buttons that let you manually reduce the trigger distance with three options: short, medium and long. I found the stop sliders incredibly useful as I could reduce the distance in first-person shooters like Apex Legends to fire shots faster, but then extend the trigger distance in racers like Gran Turismo 7 to have a full acceleration range.

A new addition on the DualSense Edge is the two dedicated Fn (Funtion) buttons that are just far enough below the analog sticks to not accidentally hit them, while also being accessible when you need them. Pressing an Fn button calls open an on-screen menu where you can easily swap between custom profiles you've created, adjust the game volume and chat balance, and access the controller profile settings menu. I created profiles specific to genres I enjoy, like shooters and racers, while I also set up profiles for certain games, like a Dead Space one where I assigned melee and stomp attacks to the dome back buttons.

Liked: Menu Customizations

Beyond the controller's physical customizations, there's a whole suite of options you can tweak on your PS5 console in the controller settings. As noted a moment ago, you can create custom profiles for different members of your household or for different games you play. An easy-to-use tutorial pops up when you first connect the DualSense Edge to your PS5 which walks you through how to setup profiles (spoiler: it's super easy).

For each profile, there's a host of customizations you can do, from custom button assignments to fine-tuning the stick sensitivity and deadzones. If you're not the type that enjoys spending time meticulously tweaking there are five preset profiles available to help save time and get you back into action faster. They are: Quick - good for quick movements, Precise - good for making precise movements, Steady - for smooth and even movement, Digital - for instant input reaction, and Dynamic - for accelerating when the stick is in the middle range. These presets are extremely handy and easy to test out to see which one(s) suit you best.

One final welcome feature is the ability to completely remove and replace the stick modules. I obviously haven't had a need to replace the sticks yet, but a year or two down the road I might consider it and it's nice to have that option available. Swapping sticks is a snap, all you need to do is pop off the front panel using the "Release" slider button, then flick up a lever to unlock the stick and pull it out. 

Given that the controller has "DualSense" right in its name, it's worth pointing out that core features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone and motion controls are all included in the Edge. All of these features feel just as great as they do on the standard DualSense, in other words, the haptics, adaptive triggers and more all significantly increase immersion in compatible games.

Combining the many physical customizations with the huge range of options in the controller settings and you've got a highly versatile controller that impresses. Whether you're looking to gain a competitive advantage in multiplayer games or maximize your performance in epic single-player adventures, the DualSense Edge delivers.

Didn't Like: So-So Battery Life

One element of the standard DualSense controller the Edge didn't improve on is battery life. During my testing, I was able to get around six to seven hours of juice with each charge. It was generally enough power to get through any single play session I had, but you have to remember to charge the controller when you're done. Compare that to my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or Xbox Elite Series 2 which can both usually can hold a charge for up to 40 hours. Granted on the DualSense Edge I did leave the haptic feedback and trigger resistance at maximum (which consumes more power), but I have no desire to turn these features down or off to get a wee bit more battery life.

The one positive is the DualSense Edge comes with a long 2.8m (9.1 feet) braided USB cable, so if you sit close enough to your TV or monitor you can use the DualSense Edge with a wired connection. Inside the hard-shell case is also a connector that locks the cable to the controller so it's not likely to slip up during gameplay—a nice touch.

The Verdict

The DualSense Edge is a fantastic premium controller with tons of customization features that makes it unlikely that I'll ever go back to using the regular DualSense. Its rock-solid build quality, back buttons, swappable thumbsticks, trigger stop sliders and custom profiles helped me improve my performance whether I was playing action-adventure games like God of War Ragnarok or shooters like Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. It's too bad the battery life is on the short side, otherwise, this controller would be damn near perfect. As it is though, anyone looking for a premium, personalized controller experience can't go wrong with Sony's DualSense Edge offering.

Final Score: 9/10 - Amazing

PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller details

Platform: PS5
Maker: Sony

A review unit was provided by the maker.