Pacific Drive Gets an Extended Look Video

Wood panels are back, baby

By Paul Hunter

Pacific Drive is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC on February 22 and today developer Ironwood Studios is giving an extended look at car customization and travelling into the Olympic Exclusion Zone. The trailer for this highly anticipated game features commentary from Creative Director and Founder Alex Dracott and Game Director Seth Rosen as they take you on a trip into the ever-shifting anomaly-filled zone.

Pacific Drive is a driving, crafting survival adventure in the Pacific Northwest. This new trailer shows off the garage, which will be your home base for the journey and features craftable items and crafting benches where you can make customized parts for your wagon. Your vehicle isn't just for getting around, it's also the key to your survival and your shield against most dangers outside.

The map is where you'll scout routes, and on the right-hand side it'll show you the dangers and obstacles you'll be up against. Once out on the Pacific roads they are different biomes you can visit each with different resources to gather. The game features a dynamic night/day system, along with dynamic weather including about as much rain as you'd expect from the Pacific Northwest. Take a look at the crafting and driving gameplay in the new extended video below:

Pacific Drive launches for PS5 and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on Feb. 22, 2024. Steam pre-orders are available here: