NextGen Player Video Interview: Amp Energy Pro Team

Last weekend (October 26th) Paul and I got a chance to interview the newly formed Amp Energy Pro Team (North of 49). The team is currently training hard and looking forward to their PGL debut at the Arcadia Gaming Festival, happening November 7, 8 & 9 in Montreal.

We have some more footage of the team training in action to be posted later, so keep an eye out.

North of 49 -
Nelson Triana (gamer tag: G-SpOt)
Leo Vitelli (gamer tag: Alpha XFactor)
Matthew Warkentin (gamer tag: FURIEN)
Aleksandar Djukanovic (gamer tag: Importedd)
Interview Team:
Paul Hunter
Matt Vernhout
Tasha Vernhout (on camera).
YouTube video link