Sony "still working on" Bringing PSN Video Store to Canada

Playstation NetworkRemember E3? That's the event where Sony announced the launch of the PSN Video Store. And that was back in July.

If you're Canadian like me, then you have probably looked high and low in the PSN marketplace but haven't had any luck locating the video store. The sad truth of it is that unfortunately for us Canucks, the video store is region locked, and according to this Ars Technica article, it looks like we have some more waiting to do.

A Sony spokesperson said to Ars:

"The legal stuff is a little tricky, and there's a lot of work behind the scenes that has to go on. But the infrastructure is there. It's just a matter of continuing to work with content providers."

Well that certainly sounds like 2009 to me. Just when I was starting to get excited about digital downloads, it looks like I'll have to wait even more months get my hands on a digital copy of Made of Honor. *le sigh*

Source: Sony "still working on" PS3 video store for Canada, Europe [Ars Technica]