Nov 10, 2008

The Lancer Has Arrived

Last month I posted about having pre-ordered the Gears of War 2 Lancer Bundle from

Well my gaming friends, the day has arrived. My Lancer has been delivered and it's oh so sweet. I know many of you might be thinking, what a waste to spend so much money ($139.99 for this bundle) on a plastic replica gun from a video game. Let me just say this...I don't really care what anyone thinks. This thing is just awesome.

The life-size replica Lancer is well built and feels sturdy. It also has some good weight to it. The gang at NECA built a pretty good toy here. The detail on the Lancer is superb with its fold out chainsaw handle, removable ammo cartridge, scope and blood stains - likely from some unlucky Hordes. Oh, and when you pull the trigger, the Lancer rumbles and makes a chainsaw like noise. Now all I have to do is find a nice place to display my new toy.

Here are some pics for all of you to check out.

Gears of War Lancer My new toy has arrived!

Gears of War Lancer Unpacking the Lancer.

Gears of War Lancer Very detailed - very cool.

Gears of War Lancer I'm a lean, mean, Gears machine!


Paul Hunter said...

Nice...very nice Andrew.

Anonymous said...

nice one! the thing is huge!! or is its owner very small? just kidding, gonna get one myself.

Sean said...

That is very nice. Unfortunatly it looks better in the dark. The Blood and the Lancer look much more real in the dark than in the light. When in the light the blood looks to light almost orange in color

Anonymous said...

»It almost isn't fair«

Nice Lancer!

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