Missing Teenager's Body Found

A story which has gripped the nation has resulted in tragedy today. A body has been discovered near Barrie, Ontario that police say belongs to fifteen year-old Brandon Crisp.

"At this point we believe it to be Brandon, and we're still obviously in the early stages of our investigation," Sgt. Dave Goodbrand told CityNews. "It's not confirmed because nothing's confirmed until we have pathology, but we believe it to be Brandon."

Crisp has not been seen since October 14 after a fight with his parents who took away his Xbox 360. His folks were worried that Brandon was spending too much time playing Call of Duty 4, and took away his console.

Bradon's body was found on Wednesday morning by Hunters in a heavily treed area near his home in Barrie. It had been feared that Brandon may have been abducted by online predators, but the grim findings so close to home now indicates that Brandon didn't get very far. Authorities at the scene say they don't believe that foul play was involved.

NextGen Player sends it's deepest sympathies to Crisp's parents.

Source: Cops Not Sure What Killed Brandon Crisp [CityNews]