Dec 18, 2008

Canadian Video Game Sales to Reach $2 Billion in 2008?

Earlier this week the NPD Group released Canadian gaming sales figures for the years 2005 - 2007 and YTD for 2008. The totals paint a rosy picture for the gaming industry in Canada, and indicate significant year-over-year growth over the last four years. The revenue numbers for 2005 - 2007 are:

2005 - $765 million
2006 - $933 million
2007 - 1.531 billion

2008 is already shaping up to be an even better year for gaming in Canada, with hardware, software and accessories totalling $1.6 billion through November. According to NPD figures, December 2007 brought in $396 milllion in sales revenue. Assuming sales this December equal or better 2007, gaming revenue in Canada may top $2 billion for the year.

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo's Wii dominated the Canadian market so far this year, with cumulative hardware sales equalling 695,000. Xbox 360 squeaks into second place with 343,000 and PS3 trails the pack at 326,000. That has to be depressing news for Sony as they handily beat the 360 in Q1 and Q2 this year. It looks like the 360 price cuts were effective in boosting sales at the cash register this holiday season.

Overall, it's great to see such momentum here in Canada. Given such prolific growth in the games industry, it's no wonder so many retailers want a larger piece of the pie. It's also no wonder that Hollywood is a little on edge this year.

Source: Wii dominates Canadian video game sales [Metro News]


Clinton said...

In regards to Hollywood getting the boot from gaming: Word. I was discussing with my dad what movie to catch on Christmas Day as is our family tradition. I'm like, what IS out in the theaters now anyway? I've since found out and I'm not impressed. Currently petitioning hard against watching Twilight...

Paul Hunter said...

Hi Clinton,

I definitely hear what you're saying. As the year's go by I find myself more and more interested in gaming and less interested in Hollywood. Given that video games have met or surpassed Hollywood's technical capabilities it's sometimes hard to justify spending $40 for a night at the movies, when $20 more would net you a new video game. Let's be honest, from a pure value per hour perspective, Hollywood doesn't stand a chance against gaming. For $60, the average game will give you 20-60 hours of game time. That's only a few dollars per hour of entertainment. Where Hollywood does succeed (and will probably always have the edge) is in pure storytelling. Linear mediums will always be better in that regard. These days though, I'm much more interested in interactivity, and games satisfy that desire quite nicely. It's not surprising that Hollywood is a little nervous these days.

VancityAllie said...

I'd like to see how this compares to USA sales.

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