Unboxing Halo Wars Limited Edition

Halo Wars is finally here, and after spending several hours with the Xbox Canada team on March 2 at the Halo Wars launch party where we were treated to 10 big HDTVs, connected via a LAN for 3v3 and 2v2 Halo Wars match-ups. Paul and Andrew Green even had the opportunity to try some 2 player Skirmish matches against AI competitors. This event served to heighten my anticipation to play the full retail version of the game (which I have just got my hands on).

Here for your viewing pleasure is the unboxing of the Halo Wars Limited Edition package. Shown in the photos are the collector's items you can expect to find in the Halo Wars Limited Edition box: Game disc, 6 Character cards (3 UNSC, 3 Covenant), Halo Wars: Genesis and the Spirit of Fire Patch.

Watch for our full review of Halo Wars coming soon. While your waiting, check out our impressions of the Halo Wars Demo.

Big thanks to Xbox Canada and the High Road Team for giving us the opportunity to attend the entertaining Halo Wars launch party event. NextGen Player will be adding some photos from the event to our Flickr account later this week.