Gaming Expo Featured Guests Officially Announced

By Paul Hunter

They teased it, now they've made it official. Hobbystar, organizers of the mammoth Fan Expo event that takes place in the heart of Toronto each year, have officially announced on their website the 2009 Gaming Expo featured guests.

Taking a cue from this year's Calgary Entertainment Expo, the voice actor for Halo's Master Chief, Steve Downes, will be headlining this year's expo. Other featured guests include Victor Lucas, from Electric Playground and Reviews on the Run fame, Jess Hartley from White Wolf Publishing, and Ed Greenwood, the creator/author of Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting. Forgotten Realms is the setting for numerous PC role-playing games, including Pool of Radiance (1988), Baldur's Gate (1998), and Neverwinter Nights (2002).

If you're interested to know who came to last year's Gaming Expo, you can find the list here.

For a full list of the announced Gaming Expo guests, including some additional special appearances, check out the Fan Expo website.