Jun 21, 2009

AMP Rock Off: Massive Coverage Kick-off!

By Paul Hunter

Yesterday was the much anticipated AMP ENERGY $100,000 Rock Off. It was probably the most fun I've had at a gaming event to date -- and that's saying a lot.

The event also marks the debut of NextGen Player's newest contributor - Alice!

The AMP Your Game National Gaming Tour stopped off at 39 colleges and universities across Canada to find the country's top virtual Rock Band groups.

We had an opportunity to interview all four finalists on Saturday night. I'll try and get all the interviews up tonight!


Anonymous said...

This new contributer is made of epic and win.

Paul Hunter said...

Yes, yes she is. Nice first gig eh? Getting to interview the four finalists for the $100,000 Rock Off. She did an amazing job I must say!

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