Jul 26, 2009

See GAMERS, The Documentary at Fan Expo

By Paul Hunter

We already know about the Gaming Expo featured guests at this year's Fan Expo, but there are certainly many more attractions for us gamers.

On my must-see list is to attend the screening of GAMERS – A documentary film, a humourous flick that explores the obsessed fan base of MMORPG games like World of Warcraft and Everquest. Have a look at the trailer above to get a sneak peak at what the documentary has to offer.

Hey, if nothing else, at least you get to see the Predator, R2D2 and a perky elf with an obscenely large shield. Reason enough for me.


Clinton said...

Looks interesting enough. The filmmaker is young and a former gamer-turned filmmaker, so I'm expecting a higher level of discourse and a generally balanced treatment of the topic. Film looks like it will bring the humourous touches, just hope it will also have the content.

Paul Hunter said...

I'll let you know in late August when I go check out the film at the Fan Expo. It certainly looks to have its humourous moments from the trailer.

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