Team NGP is Fan Expo 2009 Bound

By Paul Hunter

We had so much fun at last year's Fan Expo, hangin' with the cosplayers, watching pro gamers frag each other in Halo 3, and chillin' with cool gaming guests such as Mega64, that we've decided to return again this year. Not only that, we'll have a much larger presence at the Expo with several members of the NextGen Player team joining me, including Andrew Shin and Shondra Kayd.

There will be plenty of exclusive event videos, pictures, interviews and news to share with you starting August 28th and continuing for the whole week.

For all you feisty cosplayers out there, be prepared to strike a pose and smile for the camera. We have plans this year to capture the best of the best and we'll be posting them right here on NextGen Player.

If you're interested in coming out the Fan Expo 2009, visit their official website here.