Aboot Play Reminds Us There Are Many Canadian Game Sites

By Paul Hunter

Last night I attended the IGDA Toronto event on iPhone development and met up with some special friends of mine such as Karen Hollaran who recently joined me in an interview, and Jason MacIsaac from Cerebral Vortex Games.

Towards the end of the presentation section of the evening (while I just happen to have been preoccupied playing a game of Super Monkey Ball on iPhone) I thought I overheard someone from the back mention that they're from "the only Canadian website for gaming news", which I thought was interesting because there are manyyy Canadian video game websites out there. As it turns out, the comment came from a group known as HUDisplay.

It looks like the team over at Aboot Play checked out the "About" page on their website and it made them roll their eyes. I've known and admired Aboot Play for months now and I thought their remarks were funny, if not downright hilarious (probably because I haven't heard "oodles" used in a sentence in some time). They even mention NextGen Player in the article -- twice!

While I'm not going to fling any mud here, I do want to say that Aboot Play is absolutely right about there being a number of great Canadian video game websites. Some of my favourites are Toronto Thumbs, GeneralGames, Dork Shelf, Eh Button, GameFocus, and of course Aboot Play.

It's the end of the work week and I guess there's no better way to celebrate the weekend then with a good old fashion reality check, eh?