Aug 14, 2009

Aboot Play Reminds Us There Are Many Canadian Game Sites

By Paul Hunter

Last night I attended the IGDA Toronto event on iPhone development and met up with some special friends of mine such as Karen Hollaran who recently joined me in an interview, and Jason MacIsaac from Cerebral Vortex Games.

Towards the end of the presentation section of the evening (while I just happen to have been preoccupied playing a game of Super Monkey Ball on iPhone) I thought I overheard someone from the back mention that they're from "the only Canadian website for gaming news", which I thought was interesting because there are manyyy Canadian video game websites out there. As it turns out, the comment came from a group known as HUDisplay.

It looks like the team over at Aboot Play checked out the "About" page on their website and it made them roll their eyes. I've known and admired Aboot Play for months now and I thought their remarks were funny, if not downright hilarious (probably because I haven't heard "oodles" used in a sentence in some time). They even mention NextGen Player in the article -- twice!

While I'm not going to fling any mud here, I do want to say that Aboot Play is absolutely right about there being a number of great Canadian video game websites. Some of my favourites are Toronto Thumbs, GeneralGames, Dork Shelf, Eh Button, GameFocus, and of course Aboot Play.

It's the end of the work week and I guess there's no better way to celebrate the weekend then with a good old fashion reality check, eh?


Crazy Joe said...

in July 2009 is the funniest part.

Paul Hunter said...

Well, Canada's been the third largest country for video games since at least 2006. :P

Clinton said...

HUDwho?? :\

Paul Hunter said...

I don't know what in the HUD you're talking about. :/

Ry-Tron said...


Paul Hunter said...

Hee Hee Hee...I guess I should have quoted you properly eh? Oooooodles!

shaun hatton said...

Those HUD guys are hilarious and made my Friday morning. I'm thinking the site must just be satire. No one is that oblivious.

Paul Hunter said...

I think this might be my new favourite post on NGP. We've drawn comments from the legendary Ryan from Aboot Play and Shaun from Toronto Thumbs, both of which made me laugh out loud. Clinton's comment was good for shits and giggles too.

And well...even Crazy Joe is out to play. Awesome.

Anybody else out there? ;)

Pricemeister said...

Haha, way to make a fool of ourselves, right?

We should've been more clear about our mandate. Didn't really think people would start hearing about us this quickly, but I suppose this'll work out well --> getting our name out there initially from a literary blunder :D

We're definitely not looking to overrun/push out the gaming bloggers [I think ideally we'd like to crush IGN and their FOX-backed bullshit, but that's a long-term goal :) ] --> we know you guys exist in great abundance and do a fantastic job. Don't think of us as some newbie competitor, think of us as a resource to help bring together the entire Canadian Gaming Network.

Our main goal is to take an investigative and highly journalistic approach to the whole thing (injecting some much loved comedy into the mix) and we're looking at doing a bunch of Canadian highlights on developers and other news outlets (such as yourselves).

We would love to get to know each and every one of you - Paul, sitting down and talking to you the other night really helped us flesh out some ideas, so thanks a million for that - so please everybody swing by sometime or drop us a line because we really want to make a go of this, and we know we're not going to be able to do it without you guys on board.

We'll talk soon! :D

dedbeat5250 said...

Very interesting indeed. Good looking site but definitely a rookie mistake. I wish all the best to HUD and hope they one day turn into half the site NGP is. I just want to say Canada probably has the greatest and most diverse gaming culture and the community is hugely supported if not as mainstream as american culture.

Paul Hunter said...

Hey Stephanson,

Thanks for the conversation this past Thursday, it was nice to meet you. I'm always up for some gaming chat and it's cool to hear I helped you flesh out some ideas. I'll definitely be interested in seeing how HUD evolves over time.

I certainly didn't take from our conversation that you're looking to push out the many gaming websites already established in Canada. Admittedly I was surprised when I heard the plug at the tail-end of the IGDA event. Karen, who was sitting beside me, gave me this look of "did you just hear that?" I was so engrossed in my game of Super Monkey Ball I thought I was hearing things. :P

I would be cautiously optimistic about the "Canadian Gaming Network" idea as it's a tough business. Canada already has a large media network called B5Media that brought together dozens of gaming blogs. As it turns out, the economic model just wasn't there and they ended up collapsing their properties down to a core six. It's an interesting case study which I encourage you to check out.

Well, I'm sure I'll see you at future events. Don't be a stranger.


Paul Hunter said...


It's funny because the post on Aboot Play that started this conversation made me realize just how tight the Canadian gaming sites are becoming. We're really coming together thanks to our individual sites and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

I also think it's cool how we're supporting each other out -- that's great to see. As I'm sure I've mentioned many times in the past, I'm always interested in hearing about and posting the cool news from Eh Button. Thanks for continually keeping me in the loop!

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