NGP Contributor Quoted in the Globe and Mail

By Paul Hunter

The Globe and Mail approached us last week to discuss the topic of diversity in video game characters. Of course any gamer worth their weight in salt knows that while we've made huge advances in gaming since the 8-bit days, the majority of human video game protagonists in big budget games are often still stereotyped as burly, pompous, white men. This is especially true for genres such as action and FPS. Marcus Fenix, Nathan Hale, Duke Nuken, Master Chief, Chris Redfield, Dante, Kratos all immediately come to mind.

NextGen Player contributor Alice Stancu spoke with Globe and Mail reporter, Dakshana Bascaramurty, to discuss this phenomenon in depth. The quote that ended up landing in the article wasn't exactly what she'd expected from the interview - as Alice said she likes games that are fun regardless of main character's gender or race. With that said, her name did land in the national paper so that was pretty cool.

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