Pure Pwnage Confirms Attendance at Fan Expo

By Paul Hunter

Alert the n00bs, I just received a news alert that the stars of teh BEST SHOW EVAR, Pure Pwnage have confirmed their attendance at this year's Fan Expo taking place in Toronto from August 28-30.

I had a chance last year to challenge the star of the show, Jarett Cale, to a game of Tetris and he definitely "spanked me" in his words. I've been practicing hard for our eventual rematch and with his attendance now confirmed, consider the date set. That's right Jarett, bring it on.

This year marks a significant milestone in the Toronto-based mockumentary show's history with the announcement earlier this month that Showcase has picked up the series for 8 televised new episodes in 2010. Should be interesting to see how pimped up their booth is now that they've been picked up be a major specialty television channel.