Sep 15, 2009

The First Scribblenauts Rooster Hat Crows, So Awesome

By Paul Hunter

Last week I said that if any of our readers snapped a photo of themselves wearing one of those very stylish Scribblenauts Rooster Hats that I'd post it on NextGen Player and give the person instant fame.

Well, congratulations to our first reader whose submission was voted a unanimous insta-post by our staff. Known only as "M", you can just see the liveliness and pacification this hat bestows upon its wearer.

"M", you are a true Scribblenauts hero in our eyes. A role-model for the rest of us.

If there is anyone else out there bold enough to don their Scribblenauts hat and want 15 minutes of quasi video game fame, snap a photograph and send it to us at


Anonymous said...

my name is actually Monique "Momo".
you can follow me on twitter on
i love scribblenauts! =]

Pasquale said...

you have it on backwards....ill show you how to wear it ill post mine.

monique said...

it's actually on correctly. =]
harsh critic. lol.

G said...

No monique, it's not on correctly. If you look at the cover of the game or your avatar while playing, you'll see that Maxwell has the hat with the headphones situated over the back part of the head. Nice try.

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