Oct 17, 2009

Best Buy Canada Launches Game Trade In Program

By Andrew Shin

It's official. Best Buy Canada is now officially in the game trade in business. In fact, NextGen Player first reported the Best Buy Canada pilot program launch a while back and it appears to have been a success. I fully expected this launch to happen anytime now as I was in my local Best Buy store last week and I noticed they had used game sections for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PSP.

As advertised in this week's flyer and on the Best Buy Canada website, the game trade in program is available in stores all across Canada. So, how does the trade in program work? Well, much like Future Shop's trade in program, you simply bring in your used games and you will recieve the trade in amount in the form of a Best Buy gift card that can be used towards any purchases in-store.

So add another player to the used games landscape. My opinion has always been that more competitors in the used game business ultimately translates to benefits for the consumer in the form of more competitive promotions and pricing as well more choices in where to sell and buy used games. And that, my fellow gamers, is a great thing.


Mike said...

As far as i know the Future Shop trade in program isn't quite Canada wide, at least it isn't at my local FS here in St. Catharines. Are the Best Buy trade ins Canada wide in every store?

Anonymous said...

There are some cities that won't allow the program because of local by-laws regarding the selling of used goods (pawn shop laws). The BestBuy.ca web site will have a list of all stores that are doing the program. There are only a few that can't. Plus in Calgary you can ONLY use your store credit to get more games. Everywhere else you can use it for anything in the store (iPods, DVDs, new console, etc.).

Paul Hunter said...

I was in the Best Buy near the Eaton Centre in Toronto today and saw a collection of used games on sale. The prices seemed to be about $2-5 less than new copies.

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