Oct 6, 2009

Surprise! The PS3 Is Also Cheaper In Canada

By Paul Hunter

A few days ago I mentioned on the site that the PSPgo is in fact cheaper to buy in Canada than it is in the States.

Kombo Senior News Editor, David Oxford, picked up the story and added some additional insights, most notably that the PS3 is also cheaper in Canada.

If you were to enter a US retail store you'd pay the now heavily advertised price of $299. If you decided instead to enter a Canadian retail store that same console would cost you -- wait for it -- $299. That's right, the exact same price. Only difference is, the US dollar is worth more than the Canadian dollar. The Bank of Canada says the current exchange rate for 1 US dollar is 1.0596 Canadian. Therefore a PS3 bought in the US costs $316.82 Canadian plus tax. Of course Canada's tax rate is higher, thus eliminating some of the price difference, but overall, Canada is still cheaper.

So, take those extra few dollars you saved by buying Canadian and go rent yourself a movie on Sony. Surely you've earned it.

And on a personal note, thank you Sony for your price parity ways.


Anonymous said...

Well if you are coming to Ontario, the taxes are 13% so your argument that the PS3 is cheaper in Canada does not make sense.

Paul Hunter said...

Sure it does. Let's take California as an example (sales tax is 8.25% minimum).

$299 x 1.0825 = $323.67 USD

323.67 x 1.0596 = $342.96 CAD

In Ontario,

$299 x 1.13 = $337.87 CAD

Therefore, Ontario is $5 cheaper. Voila, a free movie rental on Sony!

Anonymous said...

Alberta would be so much cheaper because they have oil and the living cost are cheaper.

Anonymous said...

and Alberta has zero provincial tax meaning you pay only 5% federal sales tax

Source: A West Coaster

Crazy Joe said...

really, a whole separate post for this, you sony shill

Anonymous said...

that may be true but Canadians suffer on game purchases as a $59.99 US retail game costs us $69.99 i bought 1 console and about 50 games by my calculation US residents actually save alot more than Canadians

Anonymous said...

what's the tax rate in Toronto? my cousin lives there and he's bringing me a ps3 slim 120gb so how much would it cost me including tax,sales tax whatever it is?

Paul Hunter said...

The sales tax here in Toronto is 13%.

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