Exclusive Halo Xbox 360 Bundle Hits Canada

By Paul Hunter

Microsoft announced a new holiday Xbox 360 Elite bundle that is exclusive for Canada featuring their #1 hit franchise Halo. The bundle, which should be on store shelves nationwide now, includes:

* 250 GB Hard Drive Xbox Elite
* two black wireless controllers
* matching black Xbox 360 Headset
* copy of Halo 3
* copy of Halo 3: ODST

The complete package has a suggested retail price of $399.99.

This is the third exclusive bundle that has come to Canada this year, joining the GTA IV Xbox 360 bundle back in April and the NHL 2K10 Wii bundle that came out in September. It's very encouraging to see the console makers targeting Canada with exclusive hardware pack-ins, let's hope that trend continues in '10.

I did a price break-down over on the Future Shop Tech Blog to see just how good of a value this bundle is and found out you save roughly $100 if you were to buy all these items separately.

If you're interested in seeing the analysis, check out the Tech Blog article here.