A Visit to Dr. Mario

Late last year my Wii Balance board died as it simply stopped registering weight on the right side of the board. A combination of holidays, spending time with my other consoles, and several game releases (GOW2, WOTLK sound familiar?) kept me from calling Nintendo support for help. Also the fear of long hold music, being handed to multiple reps who can't help till you finally get that one person that says "the first Customer Service representative should have done this". I'm sure you have been there.

So last week I finally did it - I bit the bullet and called Nintendo support. What an experience just like I thought; long hold times, a million buttons to get to a person, a big hassle about my Wii Balance board being out of warranty. Well not exactly!

From start to finish the call was over in about ten minutes. I was provided two options; ship it and pay or drop it off at a location conveniently on the way to my office with same day service. I'll bet you can guess which option won. Showing up at the repair location I was happy to see Dr. Mario there waiting for me at the door ready to look under the hatch and give my sick Wii Balance board so much needed TLC.

The best part is that Nintendo covered the repair under warranty and swapped out the old busted board with a shiny new one, in and out of the repair shop in under fifteen minutes - 1UP Nintendo!

This is just one example of Nintendo support understanding and helping their clients. Like when they helped this guy whose house burned down and replaced his Wii.