NextGen Player Team Grows to Four

By Paul Hunter

Just like the Lernaean Hydra once did in the great myth of Heracles, NextGen Player has sprouted a new head. It is with great pleasure that I announce to you the newest member to join NextGen Player's ranks - Clinton Ma.

Clinton joins us from Vancouver, B.C. and will be reporting on all things west coast. For those of you loyal NextGen Players, you'll probably recognize Clinton from his extensive coverage of the VFS Game Design Expo and The ELAN Awards.

So if he's been writing for us for a few months, why am I only announcing his appointment now? Well, we have a little thing here at NextGen Player called a probationary period, and trust me when I say this - his work has far exceeded our expectations!

In only three months Clinton has made quite a splash here at NextGen Player. He's had the extraordinary opportunity to interview gaming luminaries such as Scott Dossett of Epic Games, Kelly Zmak of Radical Entertainment, Drew Murray of Insomniac Games, Ellen Beeman of Microsoft Game Studios, and many more.

Clinton has also contributed some great reviews to the site, including F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, Watchmen: The End Is Nigh, and his impressions of the UFC 2009: Undisputed demo.

We are also very excited that Clinton will be officially representing NextGen Player at the inaugural GDC Canada from May 12-13.

Clinton is an avid gamer and fellow blogger who manages his personal blog Play With My Box, on top of his duties here at NextGen Player. Drop by and say hello, I'm sure he'd appreciate the company.

From everyone here at NextGen Player - welcome to the team Clinton!