Jan 6, 2009

Guess What Our Hottest Posts of 2008 Were?

People have asked me in the past how we select our posts to place in the Hot Zone. For those uninitiated, the Hot Zone is located on the right sidebar and contains a list of recent hot posts on NextGen Player.

Well, the answer is simple. It's analytics my dear Watson.

Tonight I had a little peak at our analytics to find out which of our posts were the hottest during the 2008 calendar year. To my surprise Just like I thought, the hottest posts were flamebait, frugality, and plastic guns.

You know what, recession or not, I think we're going to get along just fine in 2009.

Here are our top ten hottest posts from 2008:

10. NextGen Player Reader Review: Fallout 3
9. Which Square-Enix Betrayal Shocked You More?
8. The Lancer Has Arrived
7. Family Fears Boy Lured By Gamers
6. Sony Announces New Playstation 3 Accessories
5. Toys R Us 'Buy 2 Get 1 Free' Deal is (Not Yet) Available?
4. NextGen Player Exclusive: 8 Minutes of WET Gameplay
3. It's Hears(eh): Are These Best Buy's Boxing Day Gaming Deals?
2. 5 Reasons Why Trophies Are Better Than Achievements
1. 5 Reasons Why Achievements Are Better Than Trophies


Clinton said...

Thanks for the roundup. I missed the flamebait-ingly delicious Achievements Vs. Trophies series the first time around and found it very informative. I had no idea there was level ranking for Sony's trophies system. It definitely adds an additional layer to bragging rights. Xbox gamerscore is a more interpretive system: some gamers dabble over many different games while others may focus on getting 1000 points on a select group of favourites. You really don't know until you bring up someone's profile but that is part of the fun when you're comparing yourself to others in the community.

Paul Hunter said...

Thanks Clinton for the response. I actually got a little heat in the comments section for the two Achievement vs. Trophies posts. My intent from the very beginning was to put two hats on (Xbox and PS3) and try and argue from both sides. I personally think Achievement and Trophies are both amazing reward systems, and each have their own advantages. I was surprised at how many people didn't read or ignored the fact that I was going to argue both sides. As it turns out, thousands of gamers flocked to each article and they were posted on dozens of forums and websites around the internet. I didn't realize it would create such a stir!

- Paul

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